Transport enquiries to haulier per e-mail

The search for a suitable haulier is one of the main tasks of a haulage MRP controller. With the scarcity of loading space in particular, when it comes down to it, this task frequently resembles the proverbial search for "a needle in a haystack".

Potential hauliers are either not addressed at all or several times because of the missing or insufficient transparency of an MRP group. Communication errors with a transport enquiry made by telephone ("you didn't tell me that!"), frequently cause avoidable and time-consuming discussions with the haulier. A downstream evaluation of the transport enquiries made for the haulier's QA analysis can only be presented with considerable manual effort.

With the "transport enquiries" programme, Car_O haulage software users have the immediate option of enquiring about transport services with any amount of potential hauliers per e-mail. The programme is oriented here towards the well known procedure for haulier enquiries, and on the basis of templates (with variables as placeholders), provides the information already available in Car_O at the touch of a button.