Freight transport management

A short list of the most important features:

  • Credit limit check with order entry
  • Graphic MRP plan
  • Haulage and fleet-oriented MRP
  • Status management  MRP groups support
  • Cards display
  • Haulier evaluation (QA documentation)
  • Interfaces to telematics systems
    Mapping combi-shipments, part-route shipments and rendezvous shipments Resource deployment plan and resource availability
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Fleet costs billing
  • Interface to Toll Collect
  • Interface to tank station companies (DKU, UTA, Shell, etc.) Confirmation of documents (transport documents)
  • Central/remote freight billing
  • Document printing as individual/collective document or freely definable
  • The download area contains several PDF files in English

  • The Car_O©-Automotive module supports the logistics processes that are relevant for the respective automobile company. Where a credit memo procedure is performed at the customer side, Car_O©-Automotive handles the credit balancing and creates the appropriate transparency more...